Sunday, July 19, 2009

Room sharing

We finally took the jump and put the girls in their same room. Lily in her bed, Addie in her crib.

Friday night the girls were in bed by 7:30 asleep by 9:30 - they were SO loud and excited, especially Addie, we actually heard Lily telling Addie to quiet down. So surprising. Lawrence got Addie up and changed her (BM) at 11pm or so. So the room sort of stunk. PE - U. They were up and yelling at 6am and Addie was out of her crib but can't open her door. She of course wakes up and can't leave Lily alone. When she was in her own room she just falls back asleep...There wasn't much in there besides beds. So we just laughed and finally got them out. We were proud of Lily for knowing not to open the door.

We reorganized the whole play room and threw out about 4 bags of garbage/recycling of Lily's old "projects" and supplies. We made a craft corner with a baby gate so Addie can't get back there and Lily can have a quiet time area while Addie naps. Lily LOVES it and they both loved the new set up of the play room.

Both girls rooms are still full of stuff, but we made so much progress in the play room for Lily to work during quiet time and for her to have a place for all of her things that Addie can't get into . It feels like every bedroom in the house is in shambles, but I guess we'll get it all cleaned up and organized eventually!

I'm tired, but mostly from laundry and organizing and staying up too late as usual.

Yesterday we got to meet some Au Pair families at a picnic and it was awesome. Especially one family who also has a new German Au Pair and lives less than a mile away. They were so nice and couldn't say enough good things about the program, their families live in St Louis and Georgia so love all the help it provides. It was neat to hear about it.

Today we went to Church to Baby Grace Chappelle's dedication and then my cousin, Judah and his fiancee Noel came over. It was a surprise that they were in Portland. I hadn't met Noel yet, and they are getting married in November, so it was fun. I didn't work my tail off during naptime, so it was a good thing they made me sit down.

Judah was surprised by my big belly, apparently he had not heard the news that we had a baby on the way! Lily acted like a total weirdo 4 year old rolling around on the floor while they were here. Judah still totally loved seeing them, and Addie was her shy self when she woke from her nap.

Last night Addie got to sleep before Lily so that made bedtime easier, and when she woke up at 6 Lawrence ran in and got her so Lily could sleep. Both girls are more tired than usual because of the sharing, but it is going okay so far. I know that when Sabine gets here and the baby comes we'll be glad we did this so far in advance and didn't wait until we had additional transition.

I was nerdy and sentimental on Friday about putting them together. Their last times in the "own room" type of nerdy. Oh well that's me, and I'm nerdy about stuff.

I'm also so tired I can barely type and I still need to go do the dishes. I'm sure the girls will be up EXTRA early again. Sigh. Did I sign up for this? On Purpose? Something tells me that isn't the last time I will ask my self that question in all this.

Good night!

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  1. Glad to hear the transition is happening! Good for you! So, do you guys have 4 bedrooms? One for the big girls, one for you, one for baby, and one for new nanny? Lots going on at your house!!!!